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3-Shelf Jewellery Organizer - 5 Drawer

3-Shelf Jewellery Organizer - 5 Drawer

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why settle for a messy and cluttered jewellery box when you can upgrade to our stylish and functional 3-Shelf Jewellery Organizer with 5 Drawers?

About this product:

  • YOUR GLORIOUS MOMENT: Flip the lid, get a look at your fabulous jewels, and let the large mirror on the back of the lid tell you which pair of earrings will make you look stunning for the day ahead of you.
  • ELEGANT All AROUND: Bring your vanity table a touch of elegance with this classic black jewellery box, and the crystal-like knobs add a bit shine while leading you to your sparkling jewellery collection.
  • DURABLE OUTSIDE, SOFT INSIDE: Jewels are born to be cherished, and this jewellery organizer is built for that. With sturdy engineered wood and soft velvet lining, your precious gems will be well cared for before their next show.
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