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Triple Cage Pendant Lamp

Triple Cage Pendant Lamp

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The "Pendant Cage Canopy Trio" is a lighting fixture designed with a pendant-style arrangement that incorporates a cage-like canopy and features three light sources. Here's a more detailed description of each element:

  1. Pendant Style: This fixture is designed in a pendant style, which means it hangs down from the ceiling using a cord, chain, or rod, creating an elegant and suspended lighting effect.
  2. Cage Canopy: The centerpiece of this fixture is its cage canopy, which surrounds and encases the three light sources. The canopy is typically made of metal bars or wires arranged in a cage-like pattern, adding a touch of vintage or industrial charm to the design.
  3. Trio of Lights: As the name suggests, the fixture incorporates three separate light sources or bulbs within the cage canopy. This trio of lights creates a balanced and well-distributed illumination, making it suitable for various settings, including dining tables, kitchen islands, or living spaces. 
  4. Adjustable wire length allows for customization and flexibility in installation.

  5. Size: Height 36 cm, Width 28 cm.

The "Pendant Cage Canopy Trio" is a versatile lighting option that combines style and functionality, making it an ideal choice for adding both illumination and aesthetic appeal to your space.

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