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Mini Blackhead Remover

Mini Blackhead Remover

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Say goodbye to stubborn blackheads and hello to a flawless complexion!

About this product:

  • Powered by 1 x AA battery. (Battery not included)
  • Improves skin tone and pore appearance.
  • Start with the nose cup to clean the corners around your nose and then turn the cup over to clean the forehead and cheeks.
  • It typically consists of a small metal tool with a loop or flat end, which is used to apply pressure to the affected area and extract the impurities.
  • To use Mini Blackhead Remove, the skin should be cleaned and steamed to open up the pores.
  • It's important to be gentle when using Mini Blackhead Remove, as applying too much pressure or using the tool incorrectly can cause skin damage or scarring.
  • It's also important to clean the tool thoroughly before and after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria.
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