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Mi TV Box S Eu

Mi TV Box S Eu

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 Xiaomi Mi TV Box S EU

Do you wish to breathe new life into your TV and have your favourite applications on the screen or use it as a web browser? The Xiaomi Mi Box S Multimedia Canter with Android TV 8.1 is here for you. With just one push of the Mi Box controller, you can enjoy a lot of multimedia applications such as YouTube, Netflix, TED, Sling TV, Fandango NOW or play games. With Google Cast support, you can display content from your Chrome browser on your phone or computer on your TV screen. Your phone will be normally available during playback from the Mi TV Box S, for example for received calls.

Top parameters of the Xiaomi Mi Box S multimedia centre
You can connect the Mi box with the TV with the included HDMI cable. If you have a TV with the appropriate parameters, thanks to the Mi box's powerful decoder, you can achieve a 4K resolution image at 60 frames per second, which is the absolute top for this type of device. Dynamic and realistic sound is ensured by support for Dolby Digital Plus and DTS encoding. You can store data and download applications in 8GB of internal storage, and you can also use a flash drive plugged into the USB port. The multi-function remote control is equipped with a selector and a button for invoking voice input. You connect wirelessly with Xiaomi via WIFI and Bluetooth 4.2 is used to connect, for example, a gamepad.

Key features of the Xiaomi Mi Box S multimedia canter Xiaomi Mi

Box S breathes new life into your TV
Popular multimedia applications on a large TV screen
You will display the display of your phone or laptop with Google Cast support
. During playback, your phone will normally be available for calls.
4K UHD playback at 60 frames.
Premium sound with Dolby and DTS support.
Remote control with voice input
. Sound with DOLBY and DTS support.

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