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MClassic Electric Water dispenser

MClassic Electric Water dispenser

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An automatic pump is a convenient device for collecting water from bottles. When using a manual pump, it takes a long time and is inconvenient to collect purified bottled water, especially for the elderly and children. The automatic pump, equipped with a mini-motor and a capacious 2000 mAh battery, provides an easy and comfortable collection of the required amount of water in a short time. The use of an automatic pump eliminates the need to lift a heavy bottle in order to place it on a table or special design. Simply connect the device and you can draw water.

Simple water dispenser, with one function and 2 buttons. And also with a battery and a charging port. Without heating.

Battery capacity (mAh): 2000

Charging time (h): 3

Compatible with bottles of various volumes: from 5 to 18.9 l; water supply volume - 1.4l/min

Cable without adapter included

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