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Effortlessly pull the cable

Effortlessly pull the cable

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    • Magnet wire removal tool-Our cable puller is combined with a set of magnetic leads and nylon ropes. The magnetic leads can provide complete control for the navigation of the control cable in walls, floors, ceilings, and PVC pipes. Nylon rope is more flexible than steel wire and can pass through any angle.
    • Double-shaped magnetic guide: There are 2 different shapes and sizes, which can be suitable for different enclosed spaces. The bullet shape is suitable for narrow spaces, such as pipes and pipes, and the arrow design helps to climb to higher spaces. The flat shape is suitable for flat spaces, such as dry walls, floors, even with fillers.
    • Powerful magnet and smooth sheath: Powerful magnet and soft sheath enable you to control the cable in a clear way, even if you dont know where the cable is, you will not encounter obstacles.
    • Save time and protect walls: This is an Perfect tool for home installers when rewiring completed buildings. You can speed up all the work by laying cables without going beyond the building structure.
    • Rotate the hook: Both ends of the nylon cord can be connected to a rotating plug that has a loop that can be connected to most cables and network cables.

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